6 steps to fast & professional web design

Step 1

Pick a Package & Optional Add-ons

Step 2

approve Service Agreement & Pay 50%

Step 3

Complete a design & Content Survey

Step 4

Review your new website

Step 5

Send us final approval & payment

Step 6

Pay SquareSpace hosting to go-live, connect a domain name




Why do I need a website ? 


With the way technology has changed the world, not having a website is like not having an email or mailing address. You need to let people know where in World Wide Web they can find you and having a website is the best way to present yourself in a personalized way on the web. 

What is SquareSpace ?

SquareSpace.com is a visual website creator, domain registrar, website hosting company, and Content Management System (CMS) all-in-one, in simpler terms they provide the tools and a space to create a website and manage all aspects of it under one roof. 

What do I need to Get Started ?

To start your website you really only need a idea of what you want it be and the function you want it to serve. Realistically however you are going to need to create or figure out the following 9 pieces of information at the start of your project.

  1. Your preferred Squarespace template (not required, but is helpful to know).
  2. The name of the main pages you want to appear in your website's navigation menu.  (e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact)
  3. The name of ALL pages you want on your new website.  (e.g. any pages not in your main menu but still needed for your site)
  4. Data collection and submission forms, or donation buttons along with any input fields you want for each.
  5. All text content, at least a minimal amount to start with for each page. (OR buy our Content Writing Add-On service) 
  6. All images you already have and want added to your website. Every package also includes several stock images we add for you.
  7. Your domain name chosen or purchased. Squarespace includes 1x free domain name registration in the first year's hosting plan, view all applicable free domain extensions here.  Your existing domain names can also be used but free registration only applies to domains registered directly with Squarespace. Please speak with us before making any domain purchases for your website.  
  8. Ready to pay 50% of service package price by credit card to start project.  And ready to pay remaining 50% of service price before project goes live.   
  9. Bank Account info, for the COMPLETE PACKAGE, for any donations or product payments. We will show you where to insert your bank info yourself. We won't ask you for this information.
  10. You agree with Squarespace's terms of servicepricing, and features.  Our services include the 1st year of Squarespace hosting in the cost of all web design packages.

Please review our Add-on services to see if any of these may be of use to your site. All Add-on services are professionally done with the same level quality as our websites.     

I already have a domain name?

If you currently have a website or own a domain name and would like to use the domain for this website we are able to keep the same domain for in your site in most cases. This is achieved by changing the domain setting for where the hosting is located at. 

Since we build all of our sites from the ground up we will not be able to preform any work on an existing site under these packages. We will be able to pull content such text copy, images, or logos files from your old site into the new site.  


If you currently have a website and would like to use the domain for your new website we can use your old domain for your new site in most cases. This is achieved by changing the domain DNS settings to point to the new website we create. 

Since we build all of our sites from the ground up, we will not be able to perform any work on an existing site under these packages. We can copy old content such text copy, images, or logos files from your old website into the new website we create.  

How much will this cost ?

Each Package's cost is listed at RedPandaWebDesign.com, and the prices requires SquareSpace;  you will be responsible for paying Squarespace's monthly or annual hosting costs as well as annual domain registrar fees.  Websites built using Squarespace's Personal website plan are restricted and do not offer eCommerce account must be upgraded to the Business Plan.  See Squarespace's pricing details here.  Read Squarespace's content limits here.

Additional Add-On services and any other additional service requests that affect the cost of the project will be itemized and presented in a custom proposal before the start of the project.

If additional services are requested after a project is completed please email redpanda@allinwebpro.com to request our current rates & packages.   

What if I need more than the services listed ? 

Our team has a wide range of abilities and knowledge. If you feel that your project needs more power, features, or services than those listed in our packages we would be happy to discuss other service options with other web development platforms and the best solution to your unique needs. Our parent company All in Web Pro is an experienced design and development agency capable of designing custom websites from the ground up as well as custom websites using the wildly popular WordPress web design platform.

Please contact us here for more information. 


* - Each Red Panda website is built using the SquareSpace platform which lets us very quickly design affordable and professional websites within about 3 days or 72 hours. This timeframe applies only to business days, does not count Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, and is based on the following conditions.

  • You provide all text content for each page of the website at the start of the project, unless a Content Writing Add-on is purchased.
  • You provide any existing preferred images you'd like to use on the website at the start of the project.
  • Any additional website content or design requests or forms we send to you are completed returned to us on or before the next business day by 2pm PST, excluding federal holidays.
  • You are able to pay 50% of the full cost of all services at the start of the project and the remaining 50% once the website is complete & approved by you.
  • If any donations or product payments are needed, you enter your bank account information into the website yourself when requests, or you agree to allow our team to add it into your website's payment admin area for you. 

Example: If your website project starts on Tuesday evening at 4pm, your website will be completed and live by 4pm on Friday that same week as long as the above conditions are satisfied.


Because all Red Panda Web Design sites are built in SquareSpace, every website we design comes with all of the SquareSpace features and capabilities built-in.  In some packages we activate certain features, but those same features can be activated or customized in the future anytime by you. Each package offered includes us performing website setup, configuration and implementation of content into a selected SquareSpace template, based on information you provide.

Here's some of the most useful features already available in every SquareSpace website even if they are not activated by us in your web design package.

  • Full site edit controls!  Add, edit, or remove any page, text, image, or available feature using SquareSpace's Content Management System (CMS) from any desktop computer.
  • Mobile admin apps; let you manage your website from your smartphone anytime you have a wifi or data connection.
  • E-Commerce features; allow you to list and sell products, track orders & inventory, plus manage tax, shipping, coupons and more.
  • Visual Layout Composer; gives you an easy to use what you see is what you get content editor for easy page layout adjustments.
  • And many many more!  

View the full list of Squarespace features here.


Using the library of 68 available SquareSpace Templates we create a unique and professional website every time.  It is important to remember that every website platform has its benefits and weaknesses.  Here are some important points to keep in mind regarding Squarespace.

  • Each Squarespace website requires monthly hosting payment based on the package selected, monthly vs yearly payment selection, and number of pages.
  • If you have multiple Squaurespace websites you will need to pay the full monthly or yearly hosting cost for EACH website.  
  • If you have more than 20 pages or posts on your website your plan will automatically be upgraded from the Personal plan to the Business plan, please see pricing and details here.  Read more about Squarespace page limits and other content limits here.
  • Squarespace recommends not having more than 400 webpages on any individual SquareSpace website, even though its Business Plan package allows up to 1,000 webpages per website. Read about Squarespace content limits here and in their searchable help section here.


Squarespace has extensive video and text based tutorials describing how to manage every part of your Squarespace website.  However if further web design, graphic design, or webdevelopment work is needed after the completion of your website we are happy to offer our services by-the-hour or as an on-going retainer package. To request our latest maintenance & retainer rates please contact us here.


* - Our COMPLETE PACKAGE includes the insertion of a single Product block or Donation Button on your website and instruction so you can connect that product or donation button to the Stripe merchant processor account already integrated into Squarespace. Insertion of your single product or donation button does not insertion or implementation of bank account credentials, fulfillment or shipping options, tax settings, inventory management, or Point of Sale (POS) connections. SquareSpace e-commerce limitations apply, please read more on the Squarespace website's features listings here, knowledgebase here, and Commerce help section here.


Domains registered directly with SquareSpace are limited to those domain names offered by Squarespace.  SquareSpace offers free domain name registrations for .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain extensions when you pay for SquareSpace Annual hosting.  To see a complete list of the domain name extensions available for free with any paid SquareSpace package, please go here.

  • Only domain names available and offered for free within the Squarespace "Domain" administration panel apply to this offer.  
  • Domain registration fees must be paid annually for all domain names registered through Squarespace after the 1st year.
  • Domain names purchased from any third party domain registrars are not eligible for this offer.

To read more about Squarespace's domain name features and pricing go here.